I know a lot of folks are binge watching television during this medical crisis. Several of my friends are watching old shows like Seinfeld and The Office.

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The hottest series right now is The Tiger King on Netflix. Robert (who has only watched 1 episode) says it has to be one of the worst TV shows of all time. I have watched the series and I will say it is filled with very bizarre characters. Would I watch it again? Probably not.

This got me to thinking about dreadful TV shows. There are plenty of those. But I realize my list won't be the same as yours. So I've been asking folks around work to give me their list of the worst TV shows of all time and I got some pretty interesting answers.

Rueben Wright (KEEL Morning Producer)

Friends "None of the jokes are funny. I wish they would have all drowned in that fountain"

Becker Ted Danson's attempt at a show

Two Broke Girls "slap a huge pair of *&^%$ on a turd and any idiot will watch it"

The View "I hate all of the women on that show"

Jersey Shore "If it was possible to catch HPV from a show, this would be it."

Robert J. Wright

"I've never watched an entire episode of any of these reality shows. They are just so bad":

Jersey Shore 

Honey Boo Boo

The Bachelor


The Masked Singer

Greg Atoms (KEEL News and 5pm Show)

Rob (Rob Schneider's attempt at a show)

Celebrity Boxing

The Chevy Chase Show

Kardashians (anything Kardashian)

Jersey Shore (or anything to do with them)

Erin McCarty

Star Trek (the original with William Shatner)

I hated this show. People will be furious with me over this and that's ok. But I just never understood why this was such a huge hit.

The Brady Bunch

I know it was a huge hit and has millions of loyal followers. But I was from a family of 6 children and our life was nothing like the Brady Bunch life. This show was a bunch of BS to me.

Wendy Williams

I do not understand the appeal. "How You Doin" drives me crazy and I can not stand to watch even 2 minutes of this show.


This show had me worried about my sons who might see something on this show and think they should try it. Thankfully they never did (that I know of).

Saved By the Bell

This was not like any day in school I ever experienced. Such hogwash.

Krystal Montez from K-945

Love Is Blind "absolute trash"

The Bachelor "this show is pure garbage"

The Simpsons

Rick and Morty "I'd have to smoke weed to enjoy this one."


Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon "he's an annoying scene stealing little jerk"

What would be on your list? Whose list is closer to your list?



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