Despite all the tough times we have had this year, we did have some moments that were fun and made us smile during this crazy year. I put together a list of things that made me happy this year and I came up with the top 10 stories that fit the bill.

LSU Wins Championship

These are in no particular order. But we have to go all the way back to the LSU win over Clemson in the NCAA title game. Can you believe that was this year? Yes it was. The game was on January 13. I still smile when I think about LSU winning the title.

Fast Food Workers Take Pride 

Another story that makes me happy is to see these Shreveport Whataburger workers taking such pride in their work. Watch as they chant "Pride, Care and Love". This is so awesome and I am thrilled to know these folks live and work in my city.

Undercover Boss Features Shreveport

Another story that got us pretty excited early this year was the announcement that Undercover Boss would feature Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins. It was supposed to air in the spring, but that got delayed until last month because of the pandemic.

Coronavirus Blues

Bossier women sing about coronavirus blues and make us laugh out loud. Pam Pilkington Anderson and her twin sister Pat Pilkington Norris wrote the song and saying "while we're in self quarantine and I thought, 'Maybe we need to write song about the Coronavirus.' We just started playing with it and it sorta came about forty five minutes."

Caddo Magnet Sings with Foreigner

It was quite a night for a local high school choir. They got to get on stage and sing with Foreigner early this year in one of the final concerts of the year before the lock down.

It was a night to remember for the Caddo Magnet High School choir. The teens won the opportunity to sing on stage with Foreigner.

UFO Sightings Across the Nation

Fleet of UFO’s spotted over California and there was video of it. A man says he spotted a 'fleet of UFOs' flying over a WalMart in Oakland, California. The video was shot on October 18th, 2020. Below is what the man has to say about the footage:

Good News for Crawfish Lovers

Crawfish prices made me smile this year. Because of the pandemic, prices were pretty good and the supply was great. The only problem was I didn't have crawfish boils to crash this year which is something I love to do in the spring. Maybe I'll be able to crash some crawfish boils in 2021.

Shreveport's Smiling Pup

Shreveport's smiling pup made me grin this year. This pup needed a new home. The Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana wanted to find a new home and posted these adorable pictures of this pooch.

Strangers Pray for Homeless Man

Back in February this story really warmed my heart. If you haven't seen this, it's really worth watching. These kinds of things happen all the time in our community. We just don't usually have video evidence of all the great things that are going on in our city.

This Texas couple stops in town for gas after having some car trouble in Baton Rouge. They spot a man wearing a shirt that says "Pray for Me".

So this couple decides this might be a message from God, so they decided to pray with the man to wish him well on his travels.

Big Win for Shreveport Residents Over Water Bills

Water lawsuit in Shreveport is finally settled. More than 60,000 Shreveport residents or former residents will get a piece of the final deal. City leaders have agreed to pay off the lawsuit. The final price is $5.9 million.

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