SHREVEPORT, LA - Louisiana is a very charming place. We have that slow southern charm, amazing food, great music and so much heritage in all corners our our state. If you were to put our good qualities on a scale with the annoying things about the state, the good would easily win.

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But we do have some things that are a bit of a pain in the.....

What Are the Biggest Pet Peeves in Louisiana?


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Getty Images

Some say the mosquito is the state bird. We know that's not true. The brown Pelican is our state bird. But these pesky bugs are a top pet peeve all across the state. And they seem to be indestructible. They also can carry viruses that can be deadly. You have to always use insect repellent if you're going to be outdoors for any length of time.


Hurricane Ian Slams Into West Coast Of Florida
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We all know it gets hot. August in the Bayou State can be unbearable. And the rest of the year our weather can be a bit unpredictable. We can have bright sunshine in the morning and a deadly thunderstorm outbreak in the afternoon. Our high humidity is also something that is tough to deal with, especially in the hot summer months.


Freeway Collapse Snarls Bay Area Traffic
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This is not as bad in Louisiana as you might find in Texas or other states. But there are times when you hit traffic jams in Baton Rouge or New Orleans that will drive you crazy. Things just move at a crawl. You simply have to be patient or avoid those 2 cities during the daily rush.



We say this over and over again, but litter in Louisiana is pretty bad. Some people seem to think it's ok to just toss things out of car windows. This takes away from our state’s natural beauty and is a drain on our public dollars since we have to hire crews to clean up this mess all around Louisiana.

Mispronunciation of Local Names


No doubt we are a unique state and you will find some names that might be tough to pronounce. Let's start with our state's largest city. New Orleans. Please don't say New Orleeeeens. Outsiders also struggle with many other names in Louisiana like Atchafalaya, Beignets or Tchoupitoulas. And that's my short list.


Atchafalaya Basin Bridge, google street view
Atchafalaya Basin Bridge, google street view

Folks in Louisiana gripe about the roads all the time. Our state has a $15 billion dollar backlog of road and bridge projects. That list keeps growing every year. It's a problem in almost every city in the state.

High Cost of Insurance

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We have know for years our insurance costs are skyrocketing. We have not seen improvement in many years. Because of the number of hurricanes and natural disasters we face, our insurance premiums have gone through the roof.



Our climate is the reason so many people deal with seasonal allergy troubles. Our warm and humid environment along with the abundance of plants and trees cause folks to suffer. The pollen from our trees and grasses might have you sneezing, especially during the spring.


We know about mosquitoes, but we also have other invasive species giving us problems all around the state. Nutria are causing lots of damage to our wetlands and feral hogs are tearing up thousand of acres of agricultural land.

Bureaucratic Red Tape

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media
Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

We hear this one all the time. It's just to difficult to do business in Louisiana. This is one reason it's taken so long to get a Buc-ee's to come to the state. Roadblocks for business has been a problem in the state for decades. Lawmakers have been working to make some changes. But the jury is still out on that.

Louisiana is making progress on some of these fronts, but some of them, we just have to deal with.

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