Four former Shreveport police officers have been acquitted by a judge in the death of Tommie McGlothen Jr.

All four of the defendants, Brian Ross, D'Marea Johnson, Treona McCarter and James LeClare have learned the judge has dismissed the charges against them. All four waived their right to a jury trial and the case was heard by Judge Chris Victory.

McGlothen Family
McGlothen Family

The prosecution wrapped up their case on Thursday and the defense team immediately asked for an acquittal saying the state did not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Judge Victory told the defendants and the lawyers he wanted to sleep on it overnight before ruling on the request for an acquittal.

The judge handed down this decision shortly after 9am Friday morning.

The four officers were charged with negligent homicide and malfeasance in office for the April 2020 death of McGlothen who died in police custody. Several videos were presented during the trial, but the judge apparently did not believe the state had enough evidence to prove the officers were responsible for McGlothen's death. The judge dismissed all charges against them.

The McGlothen family has filed a civil suit against the officers and the city of Shreveport.

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