Sometimes the plan to "Keep Austin Weird" goes a little further than you might expect. Dressing oddly, creating weird films, painting crazy murals, and singing random songs are all things that can come and go easily. But building a structure to keep your city weird is another level.

Now we don't know for sure if the whole purpose of the construction of this home was to keep Austin weird, but the current Airbnb hosts are totally using that to their advantage. We do know the original construction was meant to be bold and creative, and we know this because that's what they said.

This is called The Bloomhouse, and it can be found in the Austin region. Here's what the Airbnb hosts say about the location:

"In the early 1970’s, two friends in Austin, Texas decided to do something bold. Dalton Bloom wanted to create an extraordinary place that would last forever. Charles Harker wanted to design something unique. Together, they created the Bloomhouse, the most unusual home in the world.

Built in the hills of West Austin, the Bloomhouse represents the symbiotic interaction of man and nature. Its organic shape, rising from the earth, mimics the flow of the air, the curve of the wind, and the gentle rise and fall of nature’s melody. Harker’s curvilinear designs are simultaneously familiar and fantastic."

The construction isn't normal either. The methods took a long time, and were done by hand for a lot of it. You can read more on their site, and see more pictures here:

The Weirdest Airbnb In Austin, Texas

Looking for a new perspective for your next Airbnb stay? Get lost in this property in the West Lake Highlands.


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