The COVID 19 pandemic has changed - or at least exacerbated -a number of trends in American life, not the least of which is the realization that a lot of places just aren't vert nice places to live any more.

As unbelievable as it may seem, twenty five states across the USA lost population last year and the reasons are numerous. There's places where taxes are too high, services are failing, even nonexistent, law and order seems to be a thing of the past and public education is unraveling.

And this outward migration, unlike the 1970s and 80s when so many Americans migrated south, this mass bailout seems to have to real common denominator. Simply put, thousands and thousands of Americans are unhappy where they are and are willing to uproot their live to try something new somewhere...anywhere else.

But here are the places that top our list. The spots that are at losing folks the fastest and in the greatest numbers. Here are The States Where Americans Don't Want to Live Any More.

States Where Americans Don't Want to Live Any More

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