My husband, little girl and I took a tour of the Logan Mansion on Austin Place yesterday afternoon. Vicki LeBrun and her husband Billy now own the home, and Mrs. LeBrun was a very gracious tour hostess.  She gave us a detailed history of the home, took us through all the rooms, showed us what renovations have already been done -- and what's still in the works.  And she even gave us some "ghost history."

Evidently in 1904, a 12-year-old girl named Theodora Hunt -- daughter of a prominent Shreveport doctor at the time -- jumped to her death from an upstairs window.  And it's been said that her ghost has frequented the place since.  I've seen that paranormal investigations have been done at the house, and there's some evidence supporting the ghostly visitor theory. 

So...did WE see/hear/feel anything "paranormal" during our visit?  No...but we did enjoy our tour, and hope to go back again.  The house is gorgeous, and Mrs. LeBrun tells me she does kids' birthday parties -- so that may be where Emma celebrates her third.  I recommend this tour to locals AND visitors!