Shreveport is an old city, and one of the things that comes along with being an old city are old ghost stories.

But when you research some of the spooky spots in Shreveport, it actually doesn't sound like there's much to it. Sure, there are some real scary looking places, and there's some evidence to support some of the claims, but are they really just ghost stories?

I understand that most haunted places have legends that surround them, but these don't appear to be legends, just false history. For example, the story that surrounds the Ellerbe Road School.

As the story goes, some students and a janitor went missing, never to be found. Parents of the school forced it to close after that in an attempt to forget.

However, the real history is that is was opened in the 1950s as George Washington Carver High School, and was closed in the 70s because of low student population. It was then purchased by Baptist Christian College in 1981, but that only lasted until 1985. Since that point, it's been closed down and vacant.

No missing students, no forced closing by parents, nothing of the sorts.

Do all of the Shreveport hauntings have this kind of loose legend attached to it? No. But does the lacking story behind the Ellerbe Road School make it any less creepy? Hell no. It still makes the list, too. Check out these haunted Shreveport locations:

Five Places In Shreveport That Are Probably Haunted



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