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Without a doubt, Shreveport is an extremely unique place. While Austin has the slogan "Keep Austin Weird", I've always wanted our city to adopt the motto "Shreveport Strange". Because, no matter how hard we try to be like other places, Shreveport is its own unique place with its own unique landmarks and history.

In fact, if you REALLY look around, the landmarks and art found around the city are like nothing else anywhere. We have weird sculptures, 9 foot roosters, haunted houses and everything in between. Heck, one of the biggest tourism draws in the area is Gator & Friends Alligator park, where the highlight for guests is zip lining over a swamp full of gators. This is stuff you can't find anywhere else! Plus on top of all that, Municipal Auditorium is one of the most important music venues in music history, arguably second to the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

I know there's a large contingency of people who scream out all the time that 'Shreveport sucks!'...but if you really look around, this place is like none other. We're weird and quirky and strange. And all those weird quirks make this place AMAZING! Is everything perfect here? Absolutely not. But, no place is perfect. But as far as unique adventures go, Shreveport can be incredible if you just let it be itself.

With all that said and in mind, below is a list of some of Shreveport's most unique landmarks and sites.

Shreveport-Bossier's Most Unique Landmarks

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