Some pictures started circulating around social media some weeks ago of a seemingly abandoned hotel in Shreveport. Most who saw it were laughing at some of the more creative vandalism (sheet-rope) however, some were devastated to see the shape the once great building was in.

This hotel use to be part of the few Holiday Inn Holidomes in the past. The great Holidome sat on Financial Plaza in Shreveport for many years, and was considered a great place to spend your layover or delayed flight.

The idea for the Holiday Inn Holidome began in the late 60s when having a swimming pool at a hotel started to become a standard. Several states up North were finding that having a pool was a bit pointless, since the only time they could be used were 2 months during the summer. Therefore the idea of an indoor heated pool started being kicked around. Before the brainstorming was over, the brains behind the Holidome had come up with an entire indoor activities and recreation area built on to the hotel.

The Holidome quickly caught on up North, and a few Holiday Inn managers down South started to take notice. After a time, Holiday Inn Holidomes began popping up around the Southern states, Florida and Louisiana among them!

These Holidomes seemed to always have an indoor pool, hot-tub, bar area, and varying activities such as pool tables and shuffle boards. The one in Shreveport was no exception. The Holiday Inn Holidome on Financial Plaza boasted an indoor-outdoor pool with access to both sides by swimming under a wall! Also a very nice restaurant and bar area inside. People traveling from all over the world stayed at the Shreveport Holiday Inn Holidome because of it's easy access to the nearby airport, as well as many other close attractions.

After a few changes, the last business occupying the space was a Ramada of which you can still see the sign. But, several older and set-in-their-ways folks here in Shreveport were still calling it the Holidome LONG after it changed hands.

The hotel was shuttered for unknown reasons, and has remained somewhat dormant for some time. In 2023, Shreveport Fire Department were called to a fire in the location, and discovered signs of vandalism and possible squatting. Just after that, the sad photos began popping up on social media. The future of this building seems to be up in the air. Here's to the memories.

A Look At The Once Popular Shreveport Holidome Completely Dilapidated

The once very popular Shreveport Holiday Inn Holidome turned, Ramada was once the place to be for folks traveling through Shreveport Airport. The great Holidome sat on Financial Plaza in Shreveport for many years, and was considered a great place to spend your layover or delayed flight. Now the property is in total disarray with garbage littering the parking lot, and the (pretty hilarious) sheet-rope hanging out of a broken top-floor window.

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