It goes without say that the coronavirus has messed up a lot of stuff. Unless you're an essential employee, you're supposed to be quarantined to your house. Which, frankly, can be kind of miserable. Luckily for us, people are starting to put technology to good use.

Museums and zoos are giving virtual tours. Colleges are giving free lessons. Actors are performing online for free. During this time filled with gloom & doom, there's a lot of people stepping up to keep us entertained and to keep things light and uplifting.

Case and point, Shreveport band the Seratones will be streaming a live concert from their living room tomorrow (Thursday, March 26th) night at 7 pm. The band, like the rest of us, are stuck at home. But, instead of sulking, they're going to entertain the masses!

I've talked about this a ton...but I have a huge soft spot in my heart for the Seratones. Not only are they local guys. Not only do I have a huge crush on frontwoman AJ Haynes. Not only does a close friend of mine, Travis Stewart, play guitar in the band. But, beyond ALL that, they're good people that make GREAT music.

If you've never heard of the Seratones, check out their music and give them a follow on their Facebook page. If you know and love the band, here is a link to their concert stream.

And, remember, these guys are off the road. Playing music is their livelihood. If you like the band and their music, support them. Buy an album. Buy a tee shirt. Buy a sticker. Whatever. Times are hard for all us, but these guys are out of work and have bills to pay too. If you can spare a bit, please do.

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