For the second year in a row, we've ripped through our own website to find out what stories became the "Most Clicked On" for the year.

The list for 2018 includes some of the biggest stories of the year, holidays, and sports controversies. With those hints, if you sat down to think about what might make the list, you could probably guess at least half. But guessing the order, that might be more difficult.

After going over thousands of stories, here are the 6 "Most Clicked On" from for 2018:

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From local restaurants to national pizza chains, there were a lot of places celebrating veterans in our area on November 11th. We compiled a giant list of all those establishments offering special deals for Veterans' Day, and it acted as a great resource for the area.

The story that moved us all. A young boy with Cystic Fibrosis had a request for Christmas, he wanted to get Christmas cards.

After we received the email about Clayton Madden's story, we shared it with the community, and asked that we all come together for his cause. The community not only took notice, but they participated. Clayton started getting his cards. 

The story is still fresh, happening in early December. But it was and event that carried a heavy impact, and the reaction online shows that.

That day, the fire at First Bossier Church was the biggest story in our area, and it continues to be on the top of mind for many in the Shreveport and Bossier area.

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Sorry to bring up one of the most aggravating stories of the year again, but the results of the crazy 7 overtime game between LSU and Texas A&M led to a lot of angry Tigers fans. As the officials in the game continued to catch the ire of local, AND NATIONAL, sports writers online, LSU fans started feeling like they needed to do something.

So when KEEL provided an outlet for that anger, it became a VERY popular story.

Photo Courtesy of the Bossier City Police Department

Cookie cake.

Two words that went from menu item to punch line in Shreveport and Bossier in 2018.

There's not much to say about this story that hasn't been said already this year. But you can still see the video though (it's still totally worth it) right here. 

Matt Parker

There were A LOT of stories online about this year's elections. Shreveport's Mayor race, state amendments, local propositions, and a ton more. We had interviews, forums, poll data, breakdowns, and so much more.

But the one story that stood out above the rest was our Louisiana Ballot Cheat Sheet.

We broke down all of the local elections, state races, and ballot proposals into a simple to digest listing. Then took time to explain each of the proposed state amendments. It became an extremely popular post the week of the election.