How much will it cost the average Shreveport resident to host Thanksgiving dinner at home this year? We know food prices are skyrocketing. But you can still find a few deals if you shop closely.

How Much Will the Turkey Cost This Year?

The turkey is the item that will set you back the most. Prices for your main dish are up by at least 10%, but if you watch the sales closely, you might catch a great deal. But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that this year.

The American Farm Bureau says you should be able to find all the items you need for this years meal, but you will pay a bit more this year, but not as much as you might expect.

In past years you could pick up the standard menu items from the Farm Bureau for somewhere between $45 and $48 dollars. Here's what it cost in 2020:

American Farm Bureau
American Farm Bureau

This year, you will probably pay close to $50 dollars for everything you need for that Thanksgiving spread. Here's the breakdown of costs from the past 2 years:

attachment-Thanksgiving price comparison

And now a look at what you will pay in 2021. We did some price checking on the main items the Farm Bureau says will be on most American tables this year. We checked prices at Brookshires, Albertsons and Kroger. Here’s what you can expect to pay. This list does not include some miscellaneous items you will use in cooking like seasonings, butter and olive oil, which you probably already have on hand.

Price Comparisons for Your Thanksgiving Dinner Items for 2021

You can expect to pay higher prices this year for everything you need to put on that Thanksgiving spread.

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