With every passing day more and more fully loaded cargo ships sit off the coast of California waiting to dock and be unloaded. But in the the state's two major ports, Los Angeles and Long Beach, a shortage of workers hampers not only the unpacking of tons of goods, but a paucity of truck drivers is causing even further delays as tens of thousands of shipping containers sit in harbor warehouses.

But Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he has an answer. And he says the ports in his state are ready and waiting to help restore order to the ever-weakening supply chain.

"Texas can speed up the process," Abbott says.

texans for greg abbott
texans for greg abbott

Via social media, the Governor recently announced, "Texas ports are open and ready to help fix America's supply chain backlog. We can get goods out faster and at a lower cost than California due to our centralized location. Choose Texas."

A spokesman for the Port of Houston said the demand for container cargo has put a never-before-seen burden on California ports. But, he says, Texas ports haven't experienced it to the degree others have.

In an interview with Fox Business, the Texas Governor touted his state, saying it would cost less for container ships to travel to Texas ports, because, despite the added sailing time, their cargo would be unloaded and on its way sooner.

In fact, a recent video produced by Texans for Greg Abbott urges shippers to head for Lone Star State ports.

texans for greg abbott
texans for greg abbott

"In less than two weeks, your cargo can set sail from California and be at one of our 24/7 functioning Texas cargo ports, unloaded and on their way.

"Escape California. Everyone's doing it. Choose Texas."

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