LEAP testing is back in Louisiana next month. But Education Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley says teachers nor schools will face punishments. He says testing this year is more of a way to figure out where students stand. Testing for 3rd through 8th graders kicks off on April 28th.  The first test is for math. The science and social studies tests are on May 3rd and 4th. Here's the full testing schedule for Louisiana schools.

Computer Based Testing is being held April 26-May 26.

Dr. Brumley says "If we're going to know the extent to which we're recognizing learning loss, or if we're going to know where we need to commit additional resources or make policy decisions, one of the best ways for us to know that is to gather this information and see where our kids are." .

Brumley tells KEEL News the testing will give us an idea how many of our students are falling behind.
Typically schools and teachers face evaluations and scores based on the performance of students on these tests, but that won't be happening this year.

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