Tempers flared during a meeting of the Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee in Baton Rouge. The panel wanted to hear from both sides over the mask mandates and other precautions being taken across the state.

The big debate focuses on our schools and the mask mandate for students. But the mask mandate is also in place at these kinds of hearings and some people were removed from the meeting for refusing to wear a mask.

In the recording of the meeting, you can hear a woman shout: “everyone take off your mask they can’t escort all of us out.”

This hearing went on for almost 7 hours as many folks wanted to speak to the committee.

Logansport Representative Larry Bagley is Chairman of the Committee and he started off the meeting telling the audience they were required to wear a mask or move to an overflow room to watch the meeting. He also told the crowd he would maintain decorum in the room. But there were several outbursts during the meeting.

Thomas Pressly of Shreveport and Raymond Crews of Bossier City serve on this committee.

The purpose of the Monday meeting was to review the COVID case numbers in Louisiana and take a close look at the mandates for schools in Louisiana.

Dr. Joe Kanter with the Louisiana Department of Health was the first to testify.

Brandy Pou with Unmask Our Kids Louisiana told the panel the Governor's mask mandate amounts to child abuse and says it is not right.

But Dr. Kanter told the panel the masks are necessary at schools. "I think a school district that did not proceed with their students and teachers masked would have massive amounts of outbreaks and big disruptions in their education,”

But his comments drew jeers from the crowd. Chairman Bagley also called on the Sargent at Arms to remove anyone who was shouting out and disrupting the meeting.

Unmask Our Kids members also plan to attend today's Caddo School Board meeting and the Wednesday meeting of BESE.

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