Diana Ross can still "wow" a crowd, but there were some technical problems during her brief show at Municipal Auditorium.

There was no opening act for the Shreveport show. Her daughter Rhonda Ross has been opening the show on several stops prior to this, but this show started promptly at 8pm with Miss Ross gracing the stage in her flamboyant costume singing her hit "I'm Coming Out". But there was a problem with the lights.  Ross is center stage singing for about 30-45 seconds before the audience could see her! Something was wrong with the lighting.

Once the lights finally came up on her, the crowd went wild and the show continues without too many problems. But there was another lighting incident later in the show. Again, Diana Ross is  center stage in a magnificent outfit and the spotlight goes out. The crowd could not see her at all.

Because of the problems with the lighting, Shreveport got robbed of a full performance. The widely publicized setlist for this Diana Ross tour shows that she comes back for an encore with "Reach Out and Touch" followed by a reprise of "I Will Survive". She did come back for an encore, but cut straight to the Gloria Gaynor cover. We didn't get "Reach Out and Touch".  I was disappointed that the show ended with a song Diana is not know for. The concert was a wrap at 9:15 and reminds me that the 71-year-old Miss Ross still has an amazing command of the stage and her voice.

One front row concert-goer was much more critical saying "this was the worst handled concert I've ever seen. Had a front row seat but with as many as 40 stage rushers between me and the stage, I would have been better off on row 10. Your staff has no clue how to control."

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