Leave it to 2020 to add "clouds of murdering mosquitos" to the list of unfortunate events. With the coronavirus pandemic, murder hornets, astroids barreling towards earth, wildfires consuming the western part of the nation we thought that Hurricane Laura was as bad as it could get in Lousiana. We were wrong.

According to the LSU Ag Center website "Hordes of mosquitoes pushed out of the marsh by Hurricane Laura continue to menace livestock.". Laura has caused a lot more damage than we realized.

According to CBS 19 several ranchers in south Lousiana are getting hit hard after Hurricane Laura. The clouds of mosquitos have invaded livestock pastures and the swarms of mosquitos are draining the animal's blood. The mosquitos will also wear out the livestock to the point of exhaustion because the cattle will constantly move around avoiding the clouds of mosquitos.

LSU AgCenter agent Jeremy Hebert claims that many cattle owners have been hit hard with the clouds of mosquitos and have lost as many as 8 animals. Hebert added that he had also heard of 3 horse deaths that were mosquito-related.

What is being done concerning the swarms of mosquitos? LSU AgCenter agents say "spraying has begun to thin the hordes pushed out of marshes". Hopefully, the spraying saves cattle all over south Louisana.


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