Termites are year-round pests, but they are especially prevalent during the spring and summer months here in Louisiana.  Ag Commissioner Mike Strain said he has witnessed first-hand how active termites currently are.

“I was out and about last night and I can tell you the termites are swarming and come to where you have lights and so now again, they’re swarming they’re looking for a new home,” said Strain.

Strain said you can turn off outside lights and clean and repair gutters on your home to prevent termites, but the most important prevention method might be to…

“Fix any leaks, roofs, pipes and outside faucets remember termites must have a source of moisture,” said Strain.

In addition to eliminating moisture, Strain said taking care of wood around your house is also key in termite prevention.

“Repair rotting wood, on the fascia, soffits, and exterior wood surfaces, repair and replace rotting wood. Pick up any wood lying around under or around your home,” said Strain.

Strain also stresses the importance of getting your house tested by a licensed professional.

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