Spring sprung Monday about 5:30 in the morning. Most of us were sleeping at that time and since I was awake I can tell you it was no big deal. In fact, I missed it totally. You'd think there would be horns or sirens or at least a chipmunk popping out of a cake but alas, no such frivolity. It's not like we need a calendar to tell us when it's spring here in Louisiana. We just look for these 5 certain signs that let us know it's about to get really hot.

  • Pool/Getty Images
    Pool/Getty Images

    Very White Legs

    You can usually spot these at church functions or festivals on a Saturday morning. They are often accompanied by dark socks and sandals and those shirts with the vent in the back. Be careful if you look too long the reflection of the sun's rays off of these bleak and barren knee caps could blind you.

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    Yellow Car Dust

    You can wash your car several times a day and the magic dust will appear again and again. If you park close enough to certain trees they will turn your car into a sticky glue trap. That way the pollen just becomes part of the paint job. You also might catch wayward rodents, birds, and car thieves.

  • Matt Cardy/Getty Images
    Matt Cardy/Getty Images

    Raccoon Faces & Red Backs

    This is the sign of someone who sat through a baseball game or soccer match and didn't take their sunglasses off once. You will also see this phenomenon during beach season and it's usually on the male of the species. The female will sport the red back look of where a shirt didn't cover what another shirt should have covered.

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    Mismatched Toenails

    While the men prefer to wear their socks with their sandals, the ladies will go full toe exposure. That of course, adds one more layer to the beauty regimen that most women subscribe too. That means matching the toes with the fingers,as if we guys even notice you have toes.

  • Kevin Winter/Getty Images
    Kevin Winter/Getty Images

    Back Beards And Cave Man Sitings

    Some people are just gosh darn hairy. That results in the hair beard that protrudes out of the back of a tank top. If you're a woman that could be a really big problem for your self-confidence if you aren't mentally tough. Then there are some guys that evolution still hasn't happened. They're usually bald but have enough back hair to knit a sweater for a Great Dane.

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