Oh my gosh! This is the time of year when a lot of us have a choice to make. Do we take an allergy pill or antihistamine and muddle through our day like a propped up zombie. Or, do we struggle to breathe while we work and occasionally blow foreign substances on our computers when we sneeze.

I have chosen the "take a pill and muddle through" approach for today. It's a good thing I don't have to operate heavy machinery. By the way, that seems like an odd warning doesn't it? I have allergy symptoms, I will take this pill, dang! Where can I find bulldozer?

We all know that this time of year is pollen season but this year we are getting walloped across the state. The pollen count in the Shreveport-Bossier City area is about as high as it can get.

In the middle of the state, it's just as bad with the major culprits being Oak trees, Junipers, and a selection of grasses.

Along the I-10 corridor, you'll probably want to keep that box of tissues handy as well as the pollen count from Lake Charles to Lafayette and on to Baton Rouge is just about as unbearable as it is across the rest of the state.

In fact, the entire Gulf South region from the Florida Panhandle westward to Texas and as far north as Nashville and the Ozarks are in the ultimate allergy suffer zone. The good news is the pollen conditions will eventually ease up for the area. The bad news is it's not going to happen anytime soon.

If you're looking to breathe a little easier and escape the pollen, grasses, and molds that have your eyes watering and your nose completely blocked you'll need to head north. I mean like way north. The pollen count is currently at its lowest along the Canadiana border. So Montana, North Dakota, Upper Michigan would be some great spots to get away from the yellow menace.


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