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I think we can all agree that Mother Nature is a little sadistic when it comes to spring in Louisiana! She'll give us a taste of warmer weather then slap us with a cold front and a layer of pollen an inch thick just for fun.

Sure, the grass finally greens up and there's a riot of flowers everywhere, but there's also usually flooding and tornadoes and when it finally gets even close to being dry, you have to mow... every other day. And if we're being honest, there are only a few hours of bearable of temperatures before hell opens its gates to let the heat radiate out... all over us... cooking the pollen I mentioned above onto and into everything.

Of course, we all love breaking out the skirts and shorts, but it's also that time of year when you can't tell if you have debilitating allergies or the flu. Spring is also the beginning of the festival season in Louisiana and who around here says no to crawfish? Not this girl! So let's celebrate all that spring has to offer with another fine production from It's a Southern Thing!

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