Can we all agree that Ashley Madison is the gift that keeps on giving? Ashley Madison is a website where people who are seeking sneaky affairs can sign up and arrange to have an affair without fear of being outed or out on blast.

Ashley Madison is always quick to put out surveys that leave all scratching our heads. The new survey that the New York Post shared is saying that 40% of cheaters are ready to receive a COVID-19 vaccine so they can resume having safe affairs. I believe the term they used was “responsibly continue having in-person affairs.”. Excuse me what?

If you're like me and thought that everyone put a pause on having scandalous affairs during the pandemic please take a seat with me in the "dead wrong section". Ashley Madison revealed that over 40% of their users looked to start an affair simply because they were bored to death during the pandemic lockdown and all of the shelter-in-place orders.

According to, more people are having "virtual affairs" during the pandemic. The data collected by Insider shows that "pandemic-related stress is straining relationships, driving people onto dating apps.". Can you imagine getting caught cheating during a lockdown, that would be the most awkward break up ever.

If you have had some infidelities in your relationship NBC recently put together a checklist of things you can do if someone in your relationship has cheated. You can read that article by clicking here.

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