As the current Texas law stands, the default for custody of kids when a couple divorces is 75/25, mom and dad respectively. And for some dads who want equal time with the kids after their marriage comes to an end, that's just not enough.

However, trying to get this changed is a difficult challenge in Texas.

Fox 4 News recently shared the story of one father who was in such a situation and his experience in fighting back.

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Derek Berry is the father of three. He wasn't satisfied with the 75/25 split and he chose to fight back. Over time, Berry sought the services of five attorneys and continued his battle over a decade. Where is he now? 55/45 split.

Obviously this is a much better situation for a dad who wants equal time for his children. But it took the very years that many many parents consider to be the most precious ones with their ever-growing children.

There's a bill being discussed right now in our state capital that is exploring changing the law so that the default custody situation is a 50/50 equal split. Despite the fact that there are supporters on both sides of the aisle, it is proving to be a challenge to overcome.

Those opposed to the bill are concerned that a 50/50 split would be too hard on kids. The back and forth between two homes would add to the stress that children already often feel when a couple parts ways.

Advocates for the bill say that children would do best when they're able to spend equal time with two loving parents.

Your thoughts?

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