2021 was actually an incredible year around our house. My wife, Julie and I, were blessed with not just our first grandchild, but two of them.

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Sutton McCoy was born on Groundhog Day in February and then Madi McCoy blessed us with her appearance and became part of the clan in August.

As the parents of three hairy-legged redneck boys, having these baby girls was just like we had won the grandbaby lottery. Both just as healthy as they could be and we were in love with them before we ever even held them.

However, with their births we have discovered that even though they can't talk yet, they are already teaching us invaluable lessons we had never considered before.

I think one of my really good friends hit the nail on the head when he said, "Your grandchildren teach you just how short life is."

Wow! Think about that one! It was just yesterday when that baby's mother and father were that age, and now, here you are, with your baby's baby.

Your kids taught you patience and a love like you've never felt before, but there are some really important lessons that only your grandchild can teach you.

And these are what I consider "The 5 Most Important Lessons You'll Learn From Your Grandchildren"

The 5 Most Important Lessons You'll Learn From Your Grandchildren

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