A couple in Utah claim that their love should be enough or them to be legally recognized as a married couple. The only problem? The happy couple are also first cousins. Angie and Michael Lee claim that they have been in love with each other since childhood. The couple had gone their separate ways but recently decided to throw all their cares out the window when they reconnected. Michael and Angie Lee are petitioning for the right to get married in Utah.

Is it just taboo limiting these lovebirds happiness? Researchers at Columbia University say that first cousins share 12.5 percent of their DNA. An average couple faces a 3-4% chance that their offspring will have a genetic disorder. The chance of a child having a genetic disorder if their parents are first cousins jumps up to 7%. In Utah first cousins can get married IF they're 65 or 55 if the Utah resident can prove they are infertile. The couple realized that a law like that does not exist in  Colorado, so the couple went to Colorado to say "I do". The first cousins are hoping they get enough exposure so they can approach a senator or someone who can help them get the laws changed. Do you think that the first cousins in love should be allowed to get married? See their full interview with Fox 8 by clicking here. Tell us in the comments below.