It's a tough morning when you wake up to find a skunk trapped on your porch. That's just what happened to State Representative Alan Seabaugh.

UPDATE: Antipest came by this morning and got rid of the skunk. Seabaugh's yard did not get sprayed.

He posted this on his Facebook page early this morning:

Last night I set a live animal trap on my back porch to catch the raccoon that had been getting into my trash cans. However, this morning I have a SKUNK! 10 feet from my back door on my porch! Any advice would be appreciated..

The offers of help began to roll in. We decided to connect Alan with Rusty Scarborough from the Walter Jacobs Park in Blanchard. He's dealt with a few skunks over the years.

I hope Seabaugh got a handle on the situation and didn't get sprayed in the process.

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