State Rep. Alan Seabaugh talks about the recently passed petition by the House of Representative, a petition that calls for the end to the Governor's emergency declaration across the state.

Republicans in the House invoked a never-before-used state law that allows a majority of lawmakers in either of the two houses to override a governor's emergency declaration and all of the attached restrictions.

"A petition signed by a majority of members can end the public health emergency at any time," Seabaugh says, referring to the process invoked, "Essentially, we've ended the public health emergency. John Bel (Edwards) doesn't want to acknowledge that we have that power. He said at his news conference Friday, 'I'm not going to give up my power.' Well, it's not his power, it's our power (and) we gave it to him and we took it back."

And the Shreveport representative's opinion is that the petition went into on Friday (October 23). "We signed it before noon. We didn't file it until five o'clock. It is in effect now. As of 5pm, Friday, October 23, the Governor's emergency declaration including all mandates are terminated.

"I can't tell you how many emails, phone calls, text messages I got from bar owners over the weekend asking can they open. The answer is yes, you can open. The answer also is that the Governor is probably going to send ATC to shut you down."

Governor Edwards, meanwhile, was immediately critical of the Republican legislators, saying they are ignoring the health risks and using COVID 19 as a political ploy. It is anticipated that the Governor will not not sign an acknowledgement of the legislative petition and the petition is not in effect until he does so.


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