101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty discuss the latest developments in recent tax penalties levied against the city of Shreveport by the the state for failing to file employee payroll tax forms in a timely manner. The fines, which totaled $189,000, were imposed in November and December of last year.

KEEL's McCarty told listeners that she had spoken to Shreveport City Auditor Leanis Steward, but her comments were limited because the audit - being conducted by an outside examiner - is incomplete. The City Council has also authorized an investigation into the matter.

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"The Shreveport City Council on Tuesday authorized an internal investigation into the finance department after learning the city received more than $189,000 in tax penalties in 2018.

Mayor Adrian Perkins' administration argued the audit is still in draft form, and findings could change requesting the investigation be delayed until the audit is finished.

Councilman Willie Bradford filed a motion to table the investigation until the audit was complete, but the motion failed.

Although all findings of the audit are not officially confirmed, records do show the city received heavy tax penalties for late filing last year."

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