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Coronavirus has devastated a lot of people and businesses. From a purely financial stand point, many are having to make tough decisions. Locally, with the lack of casino revenue and other financial hardships, the City of Shreveport is looking at some tough decisions themselves.

One major decision the city is considering a 4 million dollar budget cut to Shreveport Police. In response to the proposed budget cut, the Shreveport Police Officer's Association has written a letter to the Shreveport City Council.

SPOA President Michael Carter had some strong words for the Council in the letter. Carter wrote that the $4,458,937 budget cut is unimaginable for a city struggling with the crime issues it faces and says "not one honorable person this Council can justify a near 4.5-million-dollar fiscal reduction" to SPD's budget.

Carter claims that "gutting the SPD budget to this extreme level eliminates needed officers, but it coldly slaps the remaining employees with a harsh reality. The Shreveport Police Department cannot progress when it is consistently under-funded year after year."

The letter finishes up with Carter asking the Council to properly investigate the matter before making a decision and says the Police Officers of Shreveport will not be ignored.

You can read the full letter below:

The full proposal in front of the City Council, presented by Chief Financial Officer Sherricka Fields Jones, will feature more than $19 million in budget cuts. Some of the other areas that will experience cuts include SPAR, Shreveport Fire and Sportran. You can read more about the proposed budget cuts here.

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