Louisiana has more than 200 specialty license plates you can get on your car. These can range from your military service, to your service organization to your high school or college. You have so many to choose from.

How Do You Get a Specialty License Plate?

You do pay an extra fee to get these specialty plates. These fees vary, but a part of the fee does go to whatever special group you are promoting. You can search all the options and apply for a specialty plate at the OMV website.

The goal of the program is to let people with a common interest promote themselves or their cause.

You’ve seen these plates around town. You might even spot some for some of the local high schools. Shreve, Byrd and Caddo Magnet High have specialty plates available. All of the local colleges and community colleges also have plates available.

A new edition to the top 10 this year is the UL Lafayette plate which fell just outside of the top plates a year ago. The Air Force Veteran plate is just outside of the top 10 for 2022. Another popular plate is one that says “I’m Cajun”.


But it is not on this year’s list of top specialty plates.

Several plates dealing with animals are also popular, but don’t make it into the top 10. You will find plates for Wild Dolphins, Delta Waterfowl and many more.

Most of the plates landing on the top 10 list have to do with military service and these plates continue to see increased numbers every year.

What Are the Most Popular Specialty License Plates in Louisiana?

Military service still dominates the requests for specialty plates in the state, but the top 2 plates are for different reasons.

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