LSU star forward Angel Reese is getting attention around the nation after the Lady Tigers won the NCAA National Championship in college basketball.

Reese drew attention for her trash talking after the big win over Iowa. She also mocked first lady Jill Biden when she suggested that the Iowa teams should also be honored at the White House along with LSU. Reese called that suggestion a "joke". President Biden did not extend an invite to Iowa after all the outcry.

And now Reese gets the Saturday Night Live treatment on the long running show.

Reese says she will go to the White House with her team. On the sketch during "Weekend Update", Reese is played by  SNL cast member Punkie Johnson who is a native of New Orleans. In the skit, she refers to herself (Reese) as Bayou Barbie.

She said "I got people big mad." She also said “Exactly! In the history of sports, when you lose, you take your ass home. But then white girls lose, and suddenly it’s All Teams Matter.” Reese also says she's about the cash in with NIL endorsements for things like deodorant, eyelashes and even garden gnomes. She says everyone is talking about women's sports because "we are ballin."

Meantime, Reese's teammate, Alexis Morris has been invited to attend Monday’s WNBA Draft at Spring Studios in New York that will air on ESPN. Morris is one of 15 players that has been invited to attend Monday’s draft.

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