The 2020 census numbers show many cities and towns in Louisiana lost population numbers. That's true for many of the big cities in the state like New Orleans and Shreveport. But it is also very true for many small villages and towns across the state.

What's the Population of These Tiny Towns?

On our list of the smallest towns, we found many with a population of under 300 people. But when we sorted the towns to find the 20 smallest across the state, we found they each had populations of fewer than 200 people.

Many of these small towns are in northeast Louisiana, but you will find a tiny town in just about every part of the state. These two villages just missed out on our top 20 list. Bienville has 193 residents and Edgefield has 186.

The List of the 20 Smallest Towns in Louisiana

The 2020 census numbers are still being evaluated by many demographers. We pulled up the list of the smallest towns and villages in Louisiana. Many of them saw shrinking populations over the past 10 years.

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