SPAR has unveiled some big changes at Cargill Park in Southwest Shreveport. The city has spent about $4 million dollars to make some major improvements to the baseball fields and the entire complex.

Take a look at this awesome aerial footage provided by Twin Blends Photography:

The complex now has two four-field complexes and two championship fields. This will put the city back in the running for some major baseball and softball tournaments.

The work included drainage, field grading and turf improvements. Guests will also find new dugouts, lighting, fencing and even renovations to the concession stands.

There has also been some work done on the soccer side of the complex.

Because of the improvements, the Sickle Cell Disease Association returned to town for its annual tournament.

Mayor Ollie Tyler told the media: "We've invested over 4 million dollars in renovating and adjusting and just making sure that it was top notch."

This is not the end of the improvements at Cargill. City leaders are involved in talks with Cabosa about improvements to the soccer side of the complex. That work could begin as early as next year.

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