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Don't you just hate at thief? I know I do, but we'll talk about entitlement programs later.

This crime hits closer to home. The Shreveport Police Department is warning residents not to fall for the latest scam plaguing our area. Apparently, these idiots can't wait to separate you from your hard-earned money but what they don't realize is, water in Shreveport is a service of the City of Shreveport.

Let me explain. These criminal masterminds are contacting Shreveport residents and telling them if they don't cough up some dough, they're going to turn their water off. Not cool. So far, there's only been one reported incident but never hurts to stay vigilant.

Here's what the release from the Shreveport Police Department had to say:

Residents in Shreveport have reported that individuals are contacting people at their homes and asking for cash to prevent the disconnection of their water services.

No legitimate utility company will ever come to your home and request cash to prevent disconnection.

Police are asking that anyone who is approached with that type of request to please call the Shreveport Police Department immediately at 318-673-7300 #3.

So far there has only been one reported incident. Please help us spread the word to prevent someone from falling victim to this sort of scam.

In short, if these fools contact you, report it and rest easy knowing your toilet will still flush. And an FYI to the folks behind this, water in Shreveport comes from The City of Shreveport Water System, which comes under the City Water and Sewerage Department. As you know, if you follow the news, they hold their money tight. You've been warned.

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