SHREVEPORT, LA - Shreveport leaders have taken steps to prepare for this week of storms. The spillway gates on Cross Lake were opened on Monday as this storm system approached northwest Louisiana.


The City Issued This Statement:

The Department of Water and Sewerage has diligently prepared for the anticipated rain event this week, with proactive measures taken since Monday. Alerted to the approaching storms, the department took preemptive action by opening all three Cross Lake spillway gates, ensuring preparedness for potential overflow.

When the gates were opened on Monday, the water level on Cross Lake was nearly a foot below the normal level. Since the storms rolled in late Monday, the city's efforts helped to drop Cross Lake an additional 6 inches. Crews have been monitoring the lake all week. Cross Lake has now crest at 175,17 feet and it's starting to fall. You can click here to track the level on the lake.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

The city plans to keep the spillway gates open for "as long as necessary to mitigate potential risks."

Cross Lake has been closed to boaters.


Shreveport Has Also Had Sewer Problems

City leaders say there have also been several reports about sewer problems. Crews report "it is noted that the system is currently charged, and as rainfall subsides, the system will gradually stabilize, resolving most of the reported issues."

The city is also responding to sewer overflows to make quick repairs as needed.

Anyone with sewer issues is urged to 318-673-7600.

For further updates and information, please visit

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