As water levels continue to rise, the Cross Lake Patrol of the Shreveport Police Department advises residents living along Cross Lake to take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of their boats and properties.


With the increasing water levels, residents are strongly encouraged to properly secure their boats. It is recommended to remove boats from boathouses and tether them securely to land to prevent potential damage or loss. The Cross Lake Patrol emphasizes the importance of safeguarding boats during this time of heightened water activity.

Furthermore, in the interest of public safety, the Cross Lake Patrol requests that all boaters refrain from entering the lake until further notice. This measure aims to prevent any accidents or incidents that may arise due to the unpredictable conditions brought about by rising waters.

Cross Lake Patrol
Cross Lake Patrol

Residents are urged to stay informed through local news channels and official announcements from the Shreveport Police Department for updates on the situation.

For any emergencies or concerns regarding the safety of the lake and its surroundings, residents are encouraged to contact the Cross Lake Patrol or the Shreveport Police Department immediately.

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