I'm gonna be honest with you. It is such a shame to drive on the streets of Shreveport every day and see street lights out all over town.

But I guess I have become the "queen of the street light brigade." Every time I see lights out, I let city leaders know. Residents from all over the city send me emails and texts when lights are out in their area.

Over the years, I have researched this thoroughly to find out who is responsible for fixing the lights. The City of Shreveport is responsible for the lights on I-20 inside the city limits. And that is one of the biggest problems in our community.

We can't seem to keep all the lights on at the same time.

What is bothering me today is the darkness on I-20 from I-49 to Jewella. Let's be clear, this is an area that goes right in front of the State Fairgrounds. Our State Fair is on NOW and more than 30 lights are out along that section of the highway.

You be the judge. Here's video from my drive on Monday morning.

I sent an email to city leaders about this issue and was copied on an email that said:

"Our bucket truck we use to work on street lights is being turned in for hydraulic leak. The crews will be working at ground level to address what we can on I-20."

Does Shreveport only have 1 bucket truck to address this problem? Holy cow. How can we be in this position. This is clearly one of the biggest events in our community for the entire year. Shouldn't we put our best foot forward? Shouldn't the lights be bright and welcoming? Well it's not and we've only made a little progress over the past week.

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