SHREVEPORT, LA – July 4th is usually a weekend for lots of blockbuster movies. Wed didn't have one of those biggies this past weekend.

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You have A Quiet Place, a thriller/horror movie. You have a couple of great movies for youngsters in Despicable Me 4 and Inside Out 2. The new movie Horizon starring Kevin Costner is also attracting the folks who like westerns. But I wanted to see something a little more edgy.

"Angel Studios via YouTube."
"Angel Studios via YouTube."

I wandered into the theater to see the true story about a small East Texas town and foster children.

I knew this would be a tear jerker. I was prepared for that. But I did not realize how gut wrenching this story is. The film maker takes you to a small town in East Texas called Possum Trot. You meet the main characters of the film, Reverend WC Martin and his wife Donna. They are called by God to do amazing things.

"Angel Studios via YouTube."
"Angel Studios via YouTube."

What Happens in This Movie?

After the death of her beloved Mother, Donna Martin is moved to do something to help children in need. She learns about the trauma that so many foster children face. Donna and WC decide to take in foster children. They also spearhead the effort by other church members to take in children who are in desperate situations. Members of this small, poor, rural church adopted 77 foster children. These efforts saved these youngsters from lives of severe trauma. Many of these youngsters have gone on to have children and become amazingly successful members of communities all across the region.

What Is the Shreveport Connection?

Early in the movie we meet Terri who is so traumatized, she pretends to be a cat. She has been abused and neglected for many years. At age 12, she is taken in by the Martins, even though they were warned by social workers that she was going to be a problem. The second half of the movie focuses on her character and the struggles she is going through to open her heart to this family. The dramatic ending is gut wrenching to watch, but also breathtaking at the same time. You see the trauma pour out of this child as she finally opens her soul to love. The real Terri lives in Shreveport. She moved here about 20 years ago. The film says she is a manager for a chain of local retail outlets.

Terri did attend the movie premiere in Georgia last month, but she has not talked much about the movie on her social media pages. I did not one comment she made on Facebook in which she said “Yes I’m the foster child, neva was adopted”.

KEEL News has reached out to Terri to hear her story. We have not yet heard back from her. I'm sure she's had an amazing life.

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