Do you remember when the splash park in downtown Shreveport was opened up in September of 2004? It was a huge hit with youngsters from all around the area. I would often see buses from local day care centers parking nearby and the kids would slip off their shoes and they would run and play in the fountains.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

It also attracted locals who wanted to enjoy Sci-Port and jump across the street for some cooling off time in the fountains. But the flooding on the Red River over the past dozen or so years has been a problem for the fountains. They have been permanently off since the big flood of 2015.

The pumps apparently got damaged by the flood waters and SPAR Director Shelly Ragle has told KEEL News it would cost about $200,000 to repair. She couldn't justify spending that kind of money every few years to keep the spray park open. But now things have changed. Ragle tells us there is new technology that can be installed to turn the fountains back on and keep them safe from future flooding.

She also says the lighting feature at the spray pad can also be coordinated with the lights on the Texas Street Bridge. She is working with the contractor to try to get the spray pad back on as soon as possible. And the best part about this is that the fountain won't be damaged the next time the Red River floods in downtown Shreveport.

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