How does a city like Shreveport find ways to mess so many things up, so comically often?

Look, I'm a big Shreveport guy. I think Shreveport has a bad reputation that it doesn't entirely deserve. But at the same time, I'm not naïve enough to pretend that Shreveport is some kind of misunderstood utopia. What is stopping me in my tracks right now is how Shreveport seems to keep screwing up in ways that seem like they're being written for a sitcom.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Some of the classic blunders that feel like plot points from VEEP include: 

The water billing scandal that swindled over $10 million from Shreveport residents
Trying to sabotage Mardi Gras
Mayor didn't live in the city
71th Street
Certain Person's badge
Did the city go for a year without insurance?
Street lights never work
Elio Motors
The city's inability to do anything about that bronze building
Trying to hire someone without a recycling company to take care of the city's recycling
Not understanding how Lyft and Uber work
A box around the confederate monument
Everything about the dog park
A downtown sports complex and fairgrounds field

Now of course the blunders of Shreveport are not limited to those listed above. There's issues with speed cameras near schools, and pretty much anything the Shreveport City Council has touched since 2010 have been drenched in hilarity too.

But right now, there is a specific issue that seems to be a hilarious on-going blunder in Shreveport. Parking downtown.

Shreveport's downtown seems to constantly find ways to sabotage itself. From streets getting shutdown by unruly mobs to people defecting in view of the public, there are some obvious issues. However its an underlying issue that is the biggest problem in downtown Shreveport...parking.

When an event takes place downtown, there isn't enough parking for anything. Most of the parking lots that exist are tied to private businesses that will immediately tow a vehicle they don't want. Even if its a weekend, and that business isn't open, they'd rather have the lot absolutely empty than have people actually be able to park to use the Downtown Shreveport area.


Even places like apartment complexes in Downtown Shreveport have strict limits on who can park where and when. So if you rent that overpriced loft, your still don't get anything when it comes to parking except problems.

Its just wild that a city this size continues to find ways to be its own worst enemy. Like someone is actually writing a script for the city to be funny. And sometimes that script is so ridiculous, most directors wouldn't even sign off on it.


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