I really didn't think I would see this happen again, but it has. This video was shared by a business in downtown Shreveport. It shows a man strolling in downtown Shreveport. But it doesn't end there.

You can watch as the guy walks right next to a sign and drops his britches and proceeds to do his business. He promptly pulls up his pants and goes on his merry way. There was no wiping of the booty or washing of the hands after this disgusting act.

This is on Louisiana Avenue just off of Texas in the heart of our city. The video was removed from YouTube by the original owner. But you get the idea of what happened.

This episode is not the first time something like this has happened in downtown Shreveport. A few years ago, this video was caught showing a woman taking a dump next to a tree at the Caddo Courthouse.

Might be time to revisit the issue of public restrooms for homeless folks.

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