Democratic State Senator from Shreveport John Milkovich angered a lot of people Tuesday. Shortly before voting against a bill that would allow adults to sign up for an immunization database, Milkovich said that vaccinations can be dangerous and that autism was created by vaccinations.

There is a very contentious scientific debate that's going on in America and has been for decades and the features of which are becoming more and more public everyday. In which many are saying these vaccinations pose danger. For example when Senator Lambert and I were growing up Autism did not exist. Many of you may know, some of the leading researchers in America say that Autism is a result of vaccination

Milkovich also stated during his speech, in a factual way, that vaccinations contain baby fetuses and mercury.

US Senator Bill Cassidy called Milkovich's claims bogus and absolute fake news. Cassidy told the Advocate, "“As a doctor who has spent my life trying to bring health to the people of Louisiana, I strongly endorse immunizations. There is no linkage to autism that has ever been made by a credible scientist.”

Cassidy wasn't the only doctor who took offense to Milkovich's comments. Several local physicians took to the internet to blast and absolutely refute Milkovich's comments. In fact, the recent anti-vax movement has led to resurgence of diseases that the medical community thought were eradicated like measles.

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