Evidently Louisiana lawmakers have already solved all the big problems for the state as they've just cleared the way for some of our lesser problems, like the fact that we don't have a state butterfly.

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And you might think I'm kidding, but it's no joke.

Just a guess here that we have already fixed problems like teacher and school bus driver shortages, the attack on the oil and gas industry, conceal carry issues, even our redistricting dilemma.

Because, according to a story from the Louisiana Radio Network, Monroe Senator Stewart Cathey, Jr. has just introduced Senate Bill 93 to members of Governmental Affairs, which would designate the Gulf Fritillary as Louisiana's state butterfly.

Yep, that's on the agenda for our politicians during this legislative session.

What Other State Symbols Does Louisiana Have?

Of course here in Louisiana we've managed to lay claim to a number of things proclaiming them to best represent the Bayou State.

  • Magnolia - Louisiana's state flower
  • Catahoula Leopard Dog - Louisiana's state dog
  • Bald Cypress - Louisiana's state tree
  • Honeybee - Louisiana's state insect
  • White Perch - Louisiana's state freshwater fish
  • Eastern Brown Pelican - Louisiana's state bird
  • Black Bear - Louisiana's state mammal
  • Crawfish - Louisiana's state crustacean
  • Milk - Louisiana's state drink
  • Give Me Louisiana AND You Are My Sunshine - Louisiana's state songs

Apparently we've let this one slip through the cracks for too long and we just can't let the issue go unresolved any longer.

Senator Cathey told committee members that the Gulf Fritillary is the only butterfly indigenous to Louisiana and is due this distinction based on its Louisiana heritage.

Was Senator Cathey Serious With The Nomination?

The Senator was speaking, somewhat tongue in cheek, when he said the bill had been molting for some time because it’s part of a campaign promise he made years ago.

Cathey said, “And so, I’m just fulfilling a campaign promise that I made to somebody in 2015.”

It looks like his bill has moved a step closer as committee members approved it and it now goes for vote by the Louisiana Senate.

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