Louisiana State Senate candidate Gary Chambers is no stranger to controversy. Chambers gained notoriety some weeks back for smoking a blunt (marijuana cigar) in one of his video campaign ads.

Chambers is in the spotlight once again for taking gasoline and a lighter to a Confederate flag. Chambers can be seen in the short video, after holding up an American flag, pinning a Confederate flag on a clothesline. After dousing the flag in gasoline, Chambers can be seen striking a personalized Zippo lighter with his initials etched in to it, and putting the flames to the flag.

Chambers begins the voice-over in the video by stating: “Here in Louisiana and all over the South, Jim Crow never really left, and the remnants of the Confederacy remain.” Chambers goes on to describe inequities in race in the Southern states. Chambers goes on to say: “Our system isn’t broken — it’s designed to do what it’s doing: produce measurable inequity.”

The message in the video is strong. Chambers is obviously looking to shake things up in the senate, and bring change to Louisiana politics and the justice system. His ads have been shocking to some, and has others believing in his cause.

Chambers has been asked previously about how he plans to take on the establishment. Chambers has stated: "When people ask me how do we overcome the establishment, my response is always learn to have their staying power. We will never change this country if we don’t stay committed even when it’s hard."

The message in the video is fairly clear, and will certainly make a few people to squirm in their seat.

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