A special day at a Shreveport school is happening this week, but some parents are not happy about it.
Youree Drive Middle School is hosting "Hush Day" on Friday. This is a special day for the students. But some parents don't like the idea.

What Is Hush Day?

It is very similar to playing the quiet game. The students are not allowed to talk in an undesignated area. They have name tags pinned on them and if they violate the rules of hush day, the name tag is cut off. Students who successfully complete Hush Day are allowed to go to the LEAP pep rally on Friday afternoon.


Man parents love this idea. Here are some of the comments made about Hush Day:

Jennifer King
I have one child that went to Youree, I have also subbed there as well. I also currently have a 7th grader and my kids as well as others I know of hate it. Literally hate it. It’s ridiculous, period.

Stacy Higgins
I understand it I just don’t like the part where they can’t go to the pep rally.

Allison Corie Brannen
My child is now a Senior, and went to YDMS. I remember these days. They loved it and would take bets on who would make it. They definitely found creative ways to communicate.


Michelle Clary Peyton
I’m all for the classroom to prepare to stay quiet during testing, but in the hallways between classes is taking it a little too far. The adults can’t even stay quiet all day and you really expect KIDS to???

Jennifer Rials Githens
First, I’m a teacher at Youree. I’m also a parent of two high school kiddos that spent three years each at Youree. Hush Day has happened for years and the students LOVE it. We have not been able to have this for two years because of COVID regulations. We are not silencing kids. Teaching is still happening with students speaking. During class exchange it will be quiet. That’s only 4 minutes each hour. It’s hilarious to see student communicate during class exchange without using words. During class, students simply have to raise their hand to speak. This has always been a fun day that students look forward to.

Abigail Prejean
Y’all parents must be new. Hush Day ain’t nothing bad I went to Youree all 3 years and loved it. Hush Day isn’t a punishment, it’s a fun challenge for ONE day. out here talking about “let’s get loud about it”. Ridiculous.

Shellie Lee
Y’all act like they don’t text each other all day anyway!!! There’s still means of communication…. Some may even try sign language!

Harrison Jacobs
Guys calm down hush day is fun we're only quiet in the hallways and some teachers make it difficult and we can't talk if your kid doesn't want to participate all they have to do is speak it's not like the teacher is going to write them up or anything.

A Nicole Harper
As a teacher at Youree for 13 years I can tell you this is a fun challenge not a punishment. The kids are excited about this day! It is fun to see who can make it all day and MOST do! The students LOVE this day!

LaDon Gaines
Very few miss out on the reward! They enjoy the challenge. A conversation or a discussion… asking questions and getting an understanding is always a better approach than inciting such anger.

Some parents are threatening to show up make a lot of noise on Friday in an effort to disrupt "Hush Day".

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