Shreveport police got a call Monday afternoon about a possible sexual assault. The victim was transported to a local area hospital and treated for injuries. Detectives with the Shreveport Police Sex Crimes Unit responded and began an investigation into these allegations.

After checking out the evidence and talking with the victim, detectives arrested 20-year-old Roderick Broadway for one count of second-degree rape.

SPD Sent Out This Information About the Charge:

Second degree rape is rape committed when the anal, oral, or vaginal sexual intercourse is deemed to be without the lawful consent of the victim because the victim is prevented from resisting the act by force or threats of physical violence under circumstances where the victim reasonably believes that such resistance would not prevent the rape and/or the victim is incapable of resisting or of understanding the nature of the act by reason of stupor or abnormal condition of the mind produced by a narcotic or anesthetic agent or other controlled dangerous substance administered by the offender and without the knowledge of the victim.

If convicted, Broadway could face a maximum of 40 years in prison.

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