A number of stories have been circulated lately on both mainstream and social media about an impending massive volcano in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park. The predictions are based on "unusual movement" by the park's animals and a number of nationally known psychics' predictions. But local psychic Dakota Lawrence say there's nothing to worry about.

Lawrence, a Shreveport native who's come to nationwide prominence of late, said on his Facebook page:

I love some of these people speaking of the upcoming Yellowstone explosion and now some of these "Facebook Psychics" (cue sarcasm font) are now also speaking of death and doom. Guess what folks, it's all from conspiracy websites and it's not about to happen.

Lawrence scoffs at the gloomy predictions of his contemporaries, saying: "So for the so called psychics claiming this is going to happen and quote a article that is written of ignorance please step down and let the legitimate psychics and light workers do their work."