Predictions of Yellowstone Volcano 'Are A Sham'!
A number of stories have been circulated lately on both mainstream and social media about an impending massive volcano in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park. The predictions are based on "unusual movement" by the park's animals and a number of nationally known psychics&a…
Will Louisiana Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?
Given the increasing frequency of zombies in movies, television and other media, it’s quite obvious that the zombie apocalypse will soon here. But who knew that when it comes to surviving this showdown with the undead, location - like real estate - is everything.
Some states, it would…
World's Top Five Selling Vodka Brands
I'll admit, I'm a vodka guy (just like James Bond, by the way). I learned to drink it with my Dad who also eschewed what he called, 'caramel colored beverages'. That certainly doesn't make me unique, as millions of bottles of the clear spirit are sold every year worldwide.