I have been griping about street lights in Shreveport for years. That is not going to end until we find a way to keep the majority of the lights on. Usually I am ranting and raving about lights on I-20. Some improvements have been made on the interstate.

But on my first day back to work, I took another route to work to see if we have made progress in other areas. The first part of my journey was on the Clyde Fant Parkway in south Shreveport and as you can see, very few lights are on.

I then traveled on Bert Kouns to get on the Innerloop, 3132. The lights looked pretty good until you get to the Linwood Avenue area and approach Mansfield Road. You take a look at these lights.


From Mansfield Road all the way around the western edge of the city the lights are out. And this does not look to be a bulb problem. Every stinking light is out. You can follow my trip as I move toward Walker Road.

And then from Walker Road to I-20, I found the same thing. All of the lights are out. There was not ONE light on. This is early in the morning and these lights should be blazing bright.

What is most disappointing about this is that our community just celebrated our 2 biggest tourism weekends with the Krewes of Centaur, Gemini and Highland Parades. Hundreds of thousands of visitors poured into our community and this is what the nighttime driving conditions look like. Can't we do better?

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